WBS Study of 2 Corinthians – Week 12, Lesson 9

2 Corinthians: The Power of Weakness

January 9, 2020

Watch and listen to today’s announcements and lecture:

Or download the audio (only) to your computer or phone to listen to later.

WBS 2 Cor Lesson 9, Jan 9 2020.mp3

Helpful Hints for downloading the MP3:
Wait until the whole file has loaded (watch progress bar, be patient) and then right-click somewhere near the player and ‘Save As’.
Note: we’ve noted that Google Chrome works best, and Safari does not allow saving the file as an mp3, so try other browsers if yours doesn’t work at first.



Next week, we will study Lesson 10 on 2 Corinthians 12, Power Through Weakness

See you then!

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