Starting September 19, 2019, join WBS for a faith-filled journey through 2 Corinthians, and Philippians.

2 Corinthians: The Power of Weakness

How do you deal with calamities, struggling relationships, and weakness?

Second Corinthians is the most personal of Paul’s letters to the churches. As he continues to confront, disciple, and encourage these Christians, he pours out his struggles with suffering and weakness along with his passion for the gospel message–a precious treasure held in a simple jar of clay.

This study will give you perspective and guidance for enduring through distressing circumstances, for giving in a way that brings joy and thanksgiving, and for fully engaging in God’s purpose for your life.

Philippians: A Message of Encouragement

From prison Paul writes a warm, personal letter expressing the joy of faith in Christ and urging perseverance.

We are using the Q Place workbooks for both studies. The cost of this study is $40.



Do you have young children at home? We have a program just for them as well. Our very special Kingdom Kids children’s program infant and children’s program will be offered during the morning sessions just $40 per family for the year. Scholarships are available.


Online on the WBS page on the First Pres of River Forest website,

Or in person on Thursday, September 19 at either 9:00 am or 7:30 pm at First Presbyterian Church of River Forest, 7551 Quick Avenue in River Forest.


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