Starting September 29, 2022

WBS 2022 Compassion-Burgandy&Drk blue

“Compassion: the Gospel of Luke” invites us to see Jesus through the eyes of a gentile physician. Though Luke was not an eyewitness to the events in Jesus’ life, he conducts a meticulous investigation through research and eyewitness interviews to give his readers a comprehensive look at the amazing and compassionate life and teachings of Jesus.

Please join us as we journey with Luke using a brand new, WBS-published study to discover, again, God’s gracious plan of reconciliation and redemption through Jesus.



Our study begins September 29, 2022.
The cost of the study is $40. Scholarships are available by emailing us at

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Click here to see this year’s schedule


Kingdom Kids is postponed until we are able to safely meet in-person with our little ones.

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